Stomm it’s  Judge Drokking Dredd he doesn’t have a Cod piece and he keeps his Helmet on!!! I’ve been waiting for this ever since that Stallone travesty was forced on us in 1995, Rob Fucking Schneider seriously. But hey-ho lets forget that shit.

Dredd opens with a magnificent travelling shot that takes us through the cursed earth; the radioactive wasteland that covers most of the earth and into Mega City One, home to eight hundred Million people, one of the last bastions of mankind, and notorious shit hole. Mega City One as it’s presented in this film is interestingly low tech, it’s quite a departure from the city we find in the Stallone movie and comics. In Dredd Mega City One is an odd mix of shanty towns, slums, and the eponymous Mega Blocks, huge buildings that act as small cities in themselves.

Rather than describing it as a science fiction dystopia I‘m more inclined to attribute it to being an alternative view of the present; only a present in which the cold war resulted in Nuclear war. The most advanced piece of tech that we see in the whole film is the Judges Lawgiver gun and a character with bionic eye implants. Other than that there are no flying cars, lasers or robots, and it works, because the whole thing with this movie is that it’s been stripped down to its bare bones. It’s not epic, it’s not grandiose, its two judges fighting to survive against the odds. It’s an action film pure and simple.

Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson find themselves trapped in the Peach Tree’s Mega Block where most of the inhabitants are criminals out for their blood, while they in turn hunt down Ma-ma the ex hooker, gang leader, and drugs Kingpin that lives on the top floor. Yeah it’s just like The Raid (2011) only it’s not enough like The Raid! Don’t get me wrong I liked Dredd but when it finished I couldn’t help but feel like it lacked something, and having since watched other action films I’ve realised that it lacks punch, yeah it’s gory, explody, and shooty but none of it seems immediate it’s all a bit passive; like we are watching the action from a distance. A good action film puts you in the centre of a scrap. This just doesn’t have that emotional high that comes with a good action film. I’m a little disappointed but there is talk of this becoming a trilogy so here’s looking forward to the next two. It’s good and definitely worth a watch but it could have been better, if you want to watch something a bit more emotionally intensive then I suggest you sit down and enjoy The Raid.

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  1. September 14, 2012 at 23:01

    Good review, I actually just watched both this and the Raid within about a week of eachother so I totally noticed the comparison (The trailers are practically identically at times). I do agree that The Raid was more entertaining in terms of sheer all-out-assault-on-the-senses action, but I did feel like there was more of an emotional component to parts of Dredd especially from Anderson’s character than I expected so I give the writers some credit for that.

    The film’s creaters have said that bottom line in order to justify a sequel the film will need to gross at least 50 million in the US, so I’m curious to see how that turns out.

    In any case if you’re interested feel free to check out my review for Dredd and/or The Raid 🙂



  2. September 24, 2012 at 20:46

    Thank you 🙂
    I agree Anderson was the emotional heart of the film, it was a good introduction seeing the world of the judges through the eyes of a new judge. Definitely a clever bit of writing, and even Dredd grows emotionally even if it is subtly.
    I read your review so I know you don’t know the history or world of the Character. But if they do make a sequel Google Rico Dredd, and Judge Death to see some possible choices they might make 🙂
    Love the blog name BTW, I use pseudonym Walter Joseph Kovacs 🙂

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