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The Watch


So it’s another Ben Stiller action comedy. If you’ve seen Starsky and Hutch (2004), Dodgeball (2004), and Tropic Thunder (2008) you know what to expect.

Ben Stiller takes his usual role as a socially retarded man, who teams up with a few other oddball characters to create a neighbourhood watch group. You have the overly enthusiastic Bob (Vince Vaughn), the psychotic Franklin (Jonah Hill) and the English Jamarcus (Richard Ayaode). These unlikely heroes team up together to fight a threat from beyond the stars.


All the hallmarks of a Stiller comedy are here, the cruel sense of humour usually revolving around suffering, pain, social awkwardness, mixed with a good dose of the ribald. Along with your standard story of a group of mismatched individuals finding true friendship after a few falling outs.


The film is centred on Stiller and Vaughn as you would expect, but Hill and Ayaode put in excellent performances, each of them earning some genuine laughs along the way. Ayoade is very much in Moss mode here only a little more adult and sweary than we would expect our favourite IT technician to be. I have to admit it’s bizarre to hear him talking about getting his balls sucked by an Asian housewife; still made me laugh though.


I can’t fault this film because it did exactly what I thought it would do. It made me laugh, and despite my cynical nature I couldn’t but help be somewhat elated at the growth of the characters friendships. Ultimately I would say if you like the other Stiller films go see this, if you don’t then there’s nothing different here to make you suddenly like him, so watch ‘The Burbs’ (1989) instead because that film is awesome

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